Take A Nap!

10-May-2018 11:05

Are you sleep deprived? Is your busy schedule is not letting you to get enough sleep? If the answer is ‘yes’, unfortunately, you are not able to act as smarter as you can. According to a study from the University of California, proper is sleep is essential for your brain to work smartly. According to the research, even a 10-20 minutes’ good sleep can effectively restore or boost the brain power.

Apparently, napping is thought just to be a medium to refresh oneself so as to become much attentive. But, various studies show that napping is a lot more than this. It can provide you with several health benefits. Napping aids to maintain balanced hormone levels. This, in turn, leads to cell repairment and improved heart function. By offering the health benefits, it helps you to achieve a cheerful mood, speedy reflexes and improved performances while carrying out various logical tasks. It boosts your concentration and memory.

Though napping offers you the several benefits, you require to follow some tips in order to get the most from a nap:

  1. Don’t sleep for too long: Though sleeping is an essentially and it can boost your energy level, napping for more than 1 hour during day times is not recommended. Long naps can give you sleep inertia and instead of liveliness you may feel dullness and tiredness.  

  1. Choose the apt time: You must learn when to sleep or what time suits you the best for napping. Generally, it is recommended to take a short nap after the completion of 12 hours of your previous long sleep.

  2. Practice to sleep peacefully: While it is difficult for people to take a peaceful nap in a hustling environment, you must not forget that practice makes you perfect.

  3. Make your napping space: Napping space should not be underestimated. Make sure that you have a good napping space with a little warmth in order to obtain an effective nap.

So, stop thinking sleep as a luxury instead it is a biological necessity. Just excuse yourself from your busy schedule and go for a short nap.

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