What affects your bone health?

21-May-2018 10:49

A human body is physically dependent on the bones for most the works if not all. From sitting to standing, from walking to physical activity, everything is directly or indirectly depends on the physical fitness. Hence, it is crucial to maintain bone health in general. Strong bones are crucial to a healthy body, healthy food is crucial for strong bones. You must take your skeletal health seriously for remaining a healthy body for years to come. Your nutrition affects your bone health in the most effective way. As you may have heard that a healthy mind remains in a healthy body. So, to keep up with the health of your overall health it is definitely a major step to start with your diet. Let us understand what is included in a healthy diet that would lead you to a healthy life.

  1. Vitamin D

  2. Our body needs Vitamin D to build bones and absorb calcium. Most people need between 600-1200 mg of dietary calcium daily for the best health of their bones.

  3. Calcium
    Bone contains up to 99% of your body’s calcium, and it need calcium to build bones.

  4. Protein
    Protein makes up 20-30% of bone mass. Plus, protein intake can influence growth hormones and growth factors in the body, which indirectly affect bone health.

  5. Phosphorus
    It plays a key role in your bone’s health. You must know too little phosphorus is also associated with poor bone health. It up to you to maintaining the balance.

  6. Vitamins K, C, & E
    Vitamin K2 helps to guide calcium where it needs to go. Foods rich in vitamin K2 include dairy, meat, poultry strengthens  
    Vitamin C helps to lay down new bone. Foods rich in vitamin C include vegetables and fruits are  necessary to intake for best health factor.
    Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant to fight off free radical destruction of bones.

Bones are actually pretty complicated. But your strategies don’t have to be. With these given mineral factors, you can help ensure your skeleton stays strong and springy for life. For further more enhancement on facts, we are coming soon with the new blog. So, keep in touch!


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