Critical care

Critical care

Our critical care facilities provide a caring atmosphere for patients who require close monitoring and constant personal care.

A multidisciplinary team of health care professionals work closely with the consultant in-charge providing optimal intensive care. Comprehensive monitoring systems and bedside ventilators allow accurate tracking of patient's progress enhancing the ability to choose appropriate treatment options. Our 24-hour Critical Care Unit provides dedicated, continuous, specialized care to critically ill patients with a variety of medical or surgical conditions who require complex multi-organ support.

Intensive Care and High Dependency Unit (ICU/HDU)

This is a multi-specialised unit supporting specialists and nurses in providing intensive care for patients with complex medical and surgical conditions, having suffered from trauma or other critical illnesses. We have round the clock coverage of Critical Care Team and our ICU are equipped to handle all sorts of medical conditions. The patients in our Critical Care Unit have 24-hour access to non-invasive and advanced mechanical ventilation, modern continuous haemodynamic monitoring systems and different modalities of renal replacement therapy, as well as a modern and efficient radiology department and, when appropriate, referral to Consultants from our range of medical and surgical specialties.

We also specialise in weaning patients off mechanical ventilation and have access to the latest diagnostic technologies and drug therapies.

Special Care Baby Unit (NICU and PICU)

The SCBU supports the care of newborn / premature babies and sick children who need continuous monitoring, close observation and supportive therapy.

Coping with a severe illness in a loved one is far from easy. At JJIMS, our dedicated care and commitment to our patients is not limited to medical facilities but encompassing the emotional needs of both the patient andthose close to them.