PHP-9 Infertility Screening

PHP-9 Infertility Screening

Infertility Screening

  • Complete Hemogram
  • Blood sugar-F &PP
  • Blood group & Rh typing
  • Thyroid profile(T3, T4, TSH)
  • S.FSH
  • S.LH
  • S.Prolactin
  • VDRL

Price in ₹ 2440/- Special Offer ₹ 1999/-

Note: Pis come in empty stomach. 12-14 hours fasting is preferable.its preferable not to take any thing after dinner except water.(no morning tea)

  • Pis collect your health check up kit from the hospital between 9am to 5.00pm (Monday to Saturday on the day before the test is scheduled.The kit is used to collect the samples of urine and stool.
  • You are advised not to take any medication a day prior to check up.Those under going TMT are advised to omit Beta blockers & Sorbitrate .These medicines should be omited after discussion with your physician.
  • If you are going through your menstrual cycle.its not advisable to undergo health checks.
  • Kindly carry your previous prescriptions and health check up reports with you.Those taking any medications are advisedto bring with them.
  • Pregnant women are advised to inform our patient care coordinator/ or hospital executive as a few test like X-Ray have to be avoided.
  • Complementary breakfast voucher will be provide to each person seeking the check up.After blood sampling and ultrasound breakfast voucher can be collected at cafetaria .in case any confusion pis clarify with your well ness coordinator.
  • Your councelling for health checks may be done after 1-3 days after your check up.subject to confirmation based on availability of concerned doctors.